Our Training

1 To 1 Training

Suited for enthusiastic individuals wanting to develop their skills at their own pace.

In-Class Training

Highly intensive training developed to systematically guide a class of individuals to trading, with perfection.

Online Class Training

For individuals unable to attend in-class training. Live classrooms designed to suite a variety of time zones.

Training Structure

4 Session Intensive Forex Training

Session 1

Introduction To Forex

Emphasis on removing destructive habits and laying critical foundations for the following sessions.

Session 1

Session 2

Advance Analysis

Understanding market movements and infrastructure required to enter long term trades.

Session 2

Session 3

Introduction To Day Trading

Introduction to intraday strategies with high accuracy; understanding how and why it works.

Session 3

Session 4

Advance Day Trading

Mastering trade entries and exits. Refining personalised trading plan and goal setting. Overall, perfecting each individual’s skill.

Session 4

Training Curriculum

  • Introduction To Forex
  • Trading Mindset
  • Broker Secrets
  • When To Trade
  • TradingView Setup & Training
  • Meta Trader Setup & Training
  • Candlestick Training
  • Banking Levels & Zones
  • Identifying Banks & Institutions
  • Trend Lines & Channels 
  • Advance Analysis
  • Perfecting Banking Levels & Zones
  • Price Action
  • Identifying Trends Using Dynamic Indicators
  • Maximizing Pip Potential
  • Fibonacci Levels
  • Elliot Wave Theory
  • Swing Risk Management
  • Introduction to Day Trading
  • Intraday Risk Management
  • Identifying Reversals & Retracements
  • Trading Breakouts
  • Index Training 
  • Gap Trading
  • Divergence Trading
  • Introduction To Accuracy Trading (Sniper Entries)
  • Intraday Analysis
  • Advance Sniper Entries
  • In-House System Setup & Training
  • Portfolio Management 
  • Bespoke Trading Plan 
  • Individual Time Allocation
  • Course Recap 

What Do I Get?

Tracked Account

Once the course is over it doesn't end there, we provide you with a tracked trading account so our mentors can criticise and develop you as a trader.


Training can get pretty intense so enjoy our complementary lunch. Meat eaters, Vegans and Veggies we got you all covered.

In-House System

Our In-House Trading system allows you to take high accuracy trades by using the perfect tools for trade entries & exits.

Course Booklet

You receive a 335 page course booklet providing you with all the fundamentals required to trade Forex. You are required to read this within your own time.

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What Students Say

Reviews Verified By Trust Pilot

After only the first day at the course, my results changed as it was my perspective on the market that differed from his and this was what helped me the most. Whether your a beginner or advanced, I can’t recommend a better teacher as this guy will follow it through during and after the course until you understand what he’s trying to show you! Unlike other course, this guy will share the rules for the tools and show you how to actually use them. Thanks bro
This course gave me a clear understanding and strategy in order to tackle the Forex markets. Under the guidance of Shoaib he makes sure each student fully understand the concepts needed to be a successful trader and gives each student enough individual time to clear any confusion or difficulties a student has. Overall I would recommend this course to everyone as his methods of teaching and individual time given will make any novice trader into a successful one
Honestly the best of the best. Shoaib takes care of you throughout the course and thereafter. Genuinely humble guy doing big big moves. He gives a lifetime aftercare no one else provides and teaches what no one can, strategy, system etc. The fee is not even near to what the course is really worth. You can’t compare him to any others! His results are different level, you don’t see it anywhere else. Highly recommended and thank you Shoaib for your help bro.