Accuracy Based Trading

Advanced Course

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Course Level

Intermediate to Advanced

Course Length

4 Weeks

Course Sessions

8 Sessions

Course Type

Accuracy Trading

What's Included?

Our In-House sniper system enables you to take high accuracy trades by using the perfect tools for trade entries and exits. Our professionally designed friendly user interface provides access to all the features you need to analyse price movement and conduct detailed technical analysis.

Our iPhone, iPad and Android apps allow you to view your progress wherever you may be. With our purpose-built tablet, complete with course content and materials, you will be able to track your progress while completing your training.

You will receive your own Traders Tablet loaded with over 20 handpicked personal development and trading related Ebooks.

You will have no excuses to fall behind.

One of the key traits required to become a successful trader is self development. A journal is provided to track and anlayse trade ideas before, during and after execution.  We believe traders must hold themselves accountable, whether it be the result of strategy or psychology. 

We believe your environment is essential for success, which is why we have paired you with like-minded individuals. With our purpose-built chatroom’s you will have access to support through your colleagues and senior traders. Our chatroom’s are designed to bring out confidence within our traders, posting trade ideas, results and assistance.  

Get access to our weekly webinars to further develop your skills gained within the course. Within our webinars, we delve into market sentiment and direction, while exploring trade managements and execution with the implementation of our exclusive techniques.

Through research and development, our techniques and system are continually improving giving us a unique edge in the market. CLF members will have constant access to these upgrades.

Course Overview

Session One 

Preceding your first in-class session, you will be introduced to Forex to optimise time in class. 

Upon attendance of your first in-class session, you will briefly recap pre-session one. The bulk of this session is designed to remove destructive habits and lay a critical foundation required for subsequent sessions.

Session Two

Preceding your second in-class session, you will be introduced to Advanced Analysis.

Upon attendance of your second in-class session, you will sit a quick quiz and briefly recap pre-session two. This session is designed to sculpt your understanding of market movements, and infrastructure required to enter long term trades with basic sniper entries.    

Session Three

Preceding your third in-class session, you will be introduced to day trading.

Upon attendance of your third in-class session, you will sit an examination to give us an understanding of your progression. This session is designed to understand the structure and execution of intermediate sniper trading.

Session Four

Preceding your final in-class session, you will be introduced to advanced day trading. 

Upon attendance of your final in-class session, you will sit your final assessment. This session is designed for psychological and mental reprogramming in addition to mastering accuracy based trading. 

We created this training in search of top performing individuals to become part of the CLF Capital team.

Individuals who have a basic understanding of Forex,  looking to enhance their understanding of the market on an advanced level.

Our advance accuracy-based trading course consists of 4 online and 4 in-class sessions, structured to maximise your learning potential and personal development.

Enrolments are limited and are offered on a first come first serve basis.

Following registration, you will have access to materials and videos in preparation for your first lesson. 

You will be expected to complete all coursework and examinations. Constant assessment will allow us to determine your progression and need for support. Examinations have been put in place to assess performance, not to name and shame.

Advanced Course