Step 3:

Learn To Trade Forex

Class Training


In Class

In-Person Hours: 24h (4 weeks)

Online Personal Hours: 1h 

Forex Accounts: Yes 

Trading Systems & Training: Yes

Premium Content: 4 weeks

Trading Group Access: Yes

After Care Support: 60 days


1to1 Training


In Class & 1to1

In-Person Hours: 24h (4 weeks)

Online Personal Hours: 5h 

Forex Accounts: Yes

Trading Systems & Training: Yes

Premium Content: 4 weeks

Trading Group Access: Yes

After Care Support: 120 days

Online Training


Online 1to1

In-Person Hours: -

Online Personal Hours: 12h (2 weeks)  

Forex Accounts: Yes 

Trading Systems & Training: Yes 

Premium Content: 2 weeks

Trading Group Access: Yes

After Care Support: 60 days

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Class Training

Our 4 week training course covers financial markets. It will go in depth into Forex and currency trading.
Our experienced trainers will teach you about the different tools and strategies you can use to better understand how the market and prices work, and develop a trading plan.

Online Training

Online training can be accessed from your home, common office and any other location. This enables you to learn at your own pace around your current commitments.